Our Services

Our services have proven results and our operating protocols are customized to integrate seamlessly into your practice and achieve provider and practice objectives.

Comprehensive Patient Assessment

The program begins with our specially trained clinician to perform a comprehensive patient assessment. Proven outcomes include:

  • Medicare Annual Wellness Visit requirements are completed and billed
  • Increased ICD-10, RAF/HCC coding accuracy
  • Improved HEDIS outcomes and STAR ratings
  • Reduced medication errors and other liabilities
  • ¬†Care and quality measure reporting gaps can be closed

Once the assessment is completed, we will provide you with the assessment and billing documentation, your patient will also be scheduled for their follow-up visit with you.


Ongoing Care Coordination

Ongoing care coordination and patient engagement between your office visits includes:

  • Scheduling your patients for regular quarterly office visits
  • Directing labs, screenings and other services your practice may provide
  • Ongoing engagement with patients to assure compliance with treatment plan goals, help them stay in compliance, and answer their questions
  • Patient monitoring to get them in for office visits to avoid crisis episodes and ER visits

Senior Care Services will work directly with your staff on an ongoing basis to assure that your practice is receiving the maximum benefit from the Care Coordination Program.