Finding out if SCS is a good fit for your practice is simple, fast and free

SCS has a simple implementation process.

  1. Call 612-470-0044 or email to set up a conference call. During the call we will explain our services in detail, answer your questions, learn more about your practice’s needs and desired objectives.
  2. SCS will send you a non-binding collaboration agreement, which will allow SCS to analyze patient data in order to provide you with expected outcomes and customized operating protocols, for you to review and approve before we start working together.
  3. Once you are ready to move forward, we will have a pre-launch conference call with your practice staff to make sure everybody is aware of the services SCS will be providing to your practice and to assure a successful program launch.

Your practice and staff can continue with business as usual, while SCS does all the work. Key practice staff and SCS management will communicate on a predetermined basis to make sure the practice is receiving the desired benefits.

Our execution strategy incorporates proven methodologies and a highly responsive approach to managing deliverables. Since our program is turn-key and designed to reduce practice workload, we will provide a final Statement Of Work which will clearly spell out our operating protocols while working with you and your practice.

  • We will discuss all protocols with you and modify if needed to provide the best outcomes for your practice. You will approve the final protocols before any action is taken
  • We will analyze the patient demographic data to determine which patients are currently eligible for services, who will be eligible in the future, have switched insurance carriers or have missing or incorrect information
  • We will establish the correct chain of communication with practice personnel, to assure all information is being utilized properly
  • We will establish the protocols we will use to coordinate data directly with your billing personnel to assure you are capturing the appropriate revenue from services you provide and the documentation required to support your billing of services that might have been provided by SCS on your behalf
  • If your practice is providing labs, screenings, other specific services or has a preferred provider network for services, we will integrate the protocols for communication, so when we identify patients in need and eligible for services, we may direct them to the services requested by your practice
  • We will establish the protocols to be used with your practice for other situations that might arise. For example, from time to time we encounter patients in immediate need of care or experiencing a crisis episode. We will address these situations according to your wishes
  • We will educate your staff on the services being provided and how to answer questions that patients might have
  • We will establish the appropriate protocols to help assure we are providing services in your preferred manner and operating under the same protocols you may be using internally, with the goal of seamlessly integrating Senior Care Services into your practice workflow and having patients perceive these services as a direct extension of your practice
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